Summer Dance

Fort Bend Academy of Dance‘s high caliber dance program provides our students with exceptional technical training and unparalleled performance opportunities.

Class placement is dependent on the student’s age, development, and physical strength. Through the school’s syllabus, students are introduced to progressive, age-appropriate levels of ballet technique with advancement between levels based upon annual faculty evaluation of each student’s technical ability, physical aptitude, strength, attendance, and classroom effort.

Why take summer dance?

  1. You continue your technique. 

Continuing your technique is critical to staying on top of your dancing. Inspiring teachers provide you not only with the combinations you want, but the combinations you need to progress as a dancer. Challenging classes require your body to think fast and adjust, furthering your knowledge and experience as a mover. The more solid your technique foundation is the better dancer you are in class and on stage.

  1. Your body stays conditioned.

Keeping your strength and flexibility in dance is important. Stopping your routine could potentially result in injury when you come back to dance in the fall. Continuing on with your dancing keeps your body in top-notch shape. Besides, who doesn’t want to look spectacular in their summer bathing suit?

  1. You get to explore new styles, techniques, classes and teachers. 

When you have new teachers and classes, this gives you the opportunity as a dancer to explore, grow and try on new approaches to your art.


  1. You get to learn with new fellow dancers and make new friends. 

In the summer, the faces in your classes will most likely change. Together, you can develop a new friendship based on your summer dance experiences! You could gain a pen-pal!