About us

Fort Bend Academy of Dance strives to inspire students—from age three to adult—to express themselves through movement and to share their inspired training through performance. Students develop physical fitness, self-confidence, musicality, social skills, respect for others, and the discipline to meet the challenges of daily life from our devoted faculty with a sound and full curriculum in dance.

Recognized as a premiere youth arts program, Fort Bend Academy of Dance has provided our community with a legacy of 20 years of exceptional dance training. Whether preparing aspiring dancers for professional careers or exposing young children to the magic of dance, Fort Bend Academy of Dance educates, inspires and motivates.




Foundational ballet technique is introduced along with basic ballet terminology. Musicality, movement, creativity, and classroom etiquette is explored at a pace that suits the developmental needs of the students.

Tap class develops the student’s rhythm and coordination.


Classical Ballet

At Level 1 students learn the basic ballet positions and the progression of ballet barre exercises. The class moves to center work away from the support of the barre. An emphasis is placed on learning the French vocabulary that defines all ballet steps. As the students learn the appropriate ballet technique for their level and show proficiency and strength to accomplish the movement taught, the student moves to the next level where more complex steps and combinations are introduced.


Pre-Professional Classical Ballet

Students build and refine their technique to achieve their full potential through the guidance and instruction of Fort Bend Academy of Dance’s highly qualified staff. In addition to technique classes, students attend pointe, variation, and pas de deux classes.



Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. Jazz dance is a wonderful class for strength, flexibility and conditioning technique and progressions including turns, kicks and leaps.


Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance combines technique from modern, jazz, and ballet with a free form of movement and theme. It is an ever-changing style of dance that continues to evolve.



Tap classes are the quickest way to develop coordination and rhythmic ability.  Tap is highly recommended for all dancers who desire to have a well-rounded base of technique.